Who is Adra for?

Adra is your gateway to driving the European future in the realms of AI, Data, and Robotics, addressing critical socio-economic challenges. 

Adra offers unparalleled value by harnessing the convergence of AI, Data, and Robotics, empowering members with a unified voice to shape the future landscape. By helping members formulate research and innovation objectives rooted in socio-economic analysis, Adra facilitates impactful contributions to addressing pressing challenges. Adra's commitment extends to addressing short-term topics such as sustainability, ecological footprint, and regulation, fostering an environment where new ideas flourish and scale up.

Value to special target groups 

  • Big industry – Adra helps companies to bring the strategy discussion and analysis to next level leveraging the ADR convergence.
  • SMEs and startups – Adra helps companies  to enhance their products and services through the convergence of AI, Data and Robotics and  to enlarge the application domains. It allows them to position themselves in the developing ADR field and towards the socio-economic challenges.
  • RTOs and universities – Adra helps to formulate research objectives in solving major socio-economic challenges. Adra offers its research members opportunities to  long-term collaboration with industry and to maintain sustainable ADR excellence.
  • End users, public sector and NGO´s – Adra supports end users, public sector and NGOs in using ADR technologies to raise productivity and advance socio-economic targets.