Adra is pleased to announce the publication of the definitive version of "Strategic Orientation towards an AI, Data and Robotics Roadmap 2025-2027." This document provides an overview of Adra's strategic position and offers recommendations for upcoming European work programs in the AI, Data, and Robotics field.

This document comes after the authors have carefully considered and incorporated all the invaluable feedback provided by stakeholders, we have carefully reviewed every suggestion to ensure the highest level of accuracy and comprehensiveness. We extend our deepest gratitude to all contributors for their active engagement and valuable insights throughout this process.

The main objective of this document is to present an overarching view of Adra's strategic vision, informed by the insights and perspectives of its members. It endeavours to tackle the global challenges and specific issues associated with AI, data, and robotics through a clearly defined roadmap.

The initial section of the document discusses the global challenges that arise within the AI, data, and robotics landscape. These challenges encompass ethical considerations, societal implications, data privacy and security concerns, as well as the imperative of responsible and inclusive innovation. Adra recognises the critical nature of these challenges and is fully committed to effectively addressing them.

The subsequent section of the document places emphasis on providing recommendations for the European Union's strategic plan for the period 2025-2027. Aligned with Adra's strategic orientation, these recommendations aim to address the evolving landscape of AI, data, and robotics. These recommendations aspire to foster sustainable growth, innovation, and overall societal well-being. We are happy to present this culmination of collective expertise, reflecting a diverse range of perspectives that have profoundly influenced its content. We are confident that this report will serve as an indispensable resource, offering profound insights and facilitating well-informed decision-making for the Adra community.

You can download the final version of the  "Strategic Orientation towards an AI, Data and Robotics Roadmap 2025-2027" here.