Joining forces AiNed Foundation and Adra in European ambitions

Joining forces AiNed Foundation and Adra in European ambitions

During the World Summit AI 2023, AiNed's strategic collaboration with the European AI, Data & Robotics Association was signed in Amsterdam by Willem Jonker (Chairman Board AiNed) and Emanuela Girardi (Adra President). There will be collaboration on encouraging participation of private and public parties in European AI initiatives, scaling up investments and a joint European strategy for generative AI.

Strategic cooperation

The public-private partnership will work with industry partners and knowledge institutions to programme research and create innovation for future use of AI. The European Commission is advised by Adra in this approach.

Joint objective

If Europe is strongly organised and there is good cooperation, successful projects from the Netherlands will be able to grow faster into the European market with partners from other member states. For this, it is important to ensure that the right funding instruments become available and that a platform is created where cooperation partners can find each other. The result will be a springboard for scaling up Dutch activities to European level.