Announcing the European AI, Data, Robotics Forum 4-5 November 2024

Announcing the European AI, Data, Robotics Forum 4-5 November 2024

Join us for the second edition of AI, Data and Robotics Forum (ADRF) on November 4-5 in Evoluon, Eindhoven (the Netherlands). We will bring together industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and thought-provoking speakers to inspire and shape the future of AI, Data, and Robotics in Europe. This must-attend event is organized by the AI, Data and Robotics Association (Adra) in collaboration with the European Commission and the local host AiNed with the support of the Adra-e project.

Explore the possibilities
Immerse yourself in visionary keynotes, thought-provoking panels, and parallel sessions covering critical industrial and societal topics. ADRF offers a platform for sharing emerging trends and technologies, driving collaborations, and building a vibrant ADR community.

Focus on ‘European Sovereignty in AI, Data and Robotics’
The ADRF is the annual community gathering event organized by the Adra in collaboration with the European Commission to inspire and advance European ADR in its broadest context including Industry, Research and Policymakers. 

The theme of the 2024 edition of ADRF will be European Sovereignty in AI, Data and Robotics. Innovation and competitiveness are drivers for Europe's growth as a thought-leader, a global collaborator and progressive player in developing responsible ADR technologies. European sovereignty relies on a robust digital economy where Europe leads globally in technological standards and practices, while de-risking its digital infrastructure from external dependencies.

The program will contain visionary keynotes and thought-provoking panels on European sovereignty in ADR, as well as a series of parallel sessions on key industrial and societal topics. It will also provide the AI, Data, Robotics community with the opportunity to highlight emerging topics and gather critical mass to drive them forward. Furthermore, the event is about sharing and connecting through an exhibition and poster displays throughout the event, and there will be opportunities for businesses and projects to present themselves.

Objectives of the ADRF

  • Share expert visions on the EU landscape on generative AI and Foundation Models (including LLMs), and inform the general public about recent developments and outlook, in particular in the ADR context.
  • Identify opportunities for Europe to (globally) position itself as a world leader in the ADR domain.
  • Facilitate the convergence and synergies between stakeholder communities to move the European AI, Data and Robotics agenda forward.
  • Bring the ADR communities together and recruit new industry members to join Adra.
  • Discuss the opportunities, the fantasies, and the actual threats brought by these technologies to our society.

Connect and Innovate
ADRF will provide numerous opportunities for networking, showcasing businesses and projects through exhibitions and poster displays. Connect with like-minded professionals, share insights, and explore potential collaborations to drive the future of AI, Data, and Robotics.

Save the Date and Registration
Mark your calendar for November 4-5, 2024 and be part of the second edition of the European AI, Data, Robotics Forum in the Evoluon, Eindhoven in the Netherlands
Together, we'll shape a future powered by responsible and innovative ADR technologies. Stay tuned for updates on registration, call for workshops and the exciting lineup of speakers and sessions.

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