About us

The AI, Data Robotics Partnership is one of the candidates for European Partnerships in digital, industry, and space in Horizon Europe. To deliver the greatest benefit to Europe from AI, Data and Robotics, this Partnership will drive innovation, acceptance and uptake of these technologies.

The Partnership will boost new markets, applications and attract investment, to create technical, economic and societal value for business, citizens and the environment.

By 2030, European sovereignty is expected in the deveopment and deployment of trustworthy, safe and robust AI, Data and Robotics, compatible with EU values and regulations.

Both of the Horizon 2020 partnerships, BDVA and euRobotics PPPs (Big Data Value PPP and SPARC PPP), achieved high impact by enhancing cohesion and engagement within the wider Data and Robotics ecosystems and communities. This new Partnership, as described in its proposal application, builds on the work of these current partnerships and on the investement in the broader European AI community crsytallised in the formation and existence of EurAI, CLAIRE and ELLIS.

BDVA, CLAIRE, ELLIS, EurAI and euRobotics are joining forces integrating a wide range of stakeholders into the activities of the Partnership so the raised ambition can be realised.

Founding Board

ADRA Founding board
ADRA Founding board