Type of OrganisationDescription (total number of employees)(1)(2)Full Annual feeMaximum Discount if member of ELLIS, EurAI, CLAIRE, BDVA or/and euRobotics (Founding Organisations) (4)
Large Enterprise> 3.000 persons employed10,000.00 €5,000.00 €
Mid-caps250 -3000 persons employed5,000.00 €2,500.00 €
SMEs1 - 249 persons employed2,000.00 €1,000.00 €
Research and Academia (5)>= 50 employees2,000.00 €1,000.00 €
Small research entity (5) (6)< 50 employees500.00 €250.00 €
Strategic members Any size3,000.00 €NA
Start-ups (3)Any size (3 years) 250.00 €125.00 €
Others (no voting right)Any size500.00 €250.00 €

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  1. EU recommendation 2003/361/EC
  2. Total number of persons employed in Europe (list of countries as per Adra Statutes and Internal Regulations)
  3. Consider start-up if <3 years since Founding date. After 3 years they will go to the appropriate category depending on number of employees.
  4. Adra members are eligible to a Discount if they are members of one/several Founding Organisations. This Discount is (i) computed as 50% of the highest fee paid to a Founding Organisation, and (ii) can’t exceed 50% of the Full Adra Fee.
  5. Industry labs with dependency to corporations count as Industry and the size of the corporation(s)
  6. For labs or groups part of larger legal entities the Research/Academia category applies.