Why join Adra – value proposition

  • Adra offers its members to drive the European Future around AI, Data, and Robotics to address the major socio-economic challenges.
  • Adra is the only European association able to create unique value for its members through leveraging the convergence of AI, Data and Robotics.
  • Adra unifies European ADR research bodies and industry to one single strong voice.
  • Adra helps its members to formulate research & innovation objectives from an analysis of socio-economic challenges.
  • Adra also addresses short-term topics (sustainability, ecological footprint, regulation) as well as contributes to creating a European environment for new ideas to flourish and scale-up.


 Value to special target groups

Big industry – Adra helps companies to bring the strategy discussion and analysis to next level leveraging the ADR convergence.

SMEs and startups – Adra helps companies  to enhance their products and services through the convergence of AI, Data and Robotics and  to enlarge the application domains. It allows them to position themselves in the developing ADR field and towards the socio-economic challenges.

RTOs and universities – Adra helps to formulate research objectives in solving major socio-economic challenges. Adra offers its research members opportunities to  long-term collaboration with industry and to maintain sustainable ADR excellence.

End users, public sector and NGO´s – Adra supports end users, public sector and NGOs in using ADR technologies to raise productivity and advance socio-economic targets.


Topic groups and task forces open to Adra members

  • Standardization topic group – Ray Walshe (
  • Policy topic group – Morten Irgens ( Emanuela Girardi (
  • Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) task-force – Fredrik Heintz ( Nabil Belbachir ( Ana Garcia Robles (
  • Inspection and Maintenance – Aksel Transeth (
  • Education, Future of work and Societal transformation – Ana-Maria Stancu (
  • Innovation, Deployment and uptake of ADR technologies – Christophe Leroux ( Iddo Bante (
  • Smart Urban Places – Margriet Schijndel (
  • Digital Twin for manufacturing – Gema Antequera Garcia ( Victor Alonso (
  • Generative AI for Manufacturing – Mostafizur Rahman ( Sotiris Makris (
  • Healthcare – Francoise Siepel ( )

If you have questions about topic groups or are, as a member, interested  to start a new topic group, please contact the Adra secretariat (

ADRA membership

How to apply

  1. Download the template of the Adra Membership Application form from the Adra website (
  2. Send an electronic copy of the Adra Membership Application Form filled in and duly signed to
  3. Your application will be reviewed by the Adra Secretary General / Office that will inform you if any modifications or additional information needed.
  4. The Board of Directors reviews the application and decides on granting the temporary membership status.
  5. The General Assembly grants the final membership status upon proposal of the BoD

Download the membership application form:

Membership fees

Type of OrganisationDescription (total number of employees)(1)(2)Full Annual feeMaximum Discount if member of ELLIS, EurAI, CLAIRE, BDVA or/and euRobotics (Founding Organisations) (4)
Large Enterprise> 3.000 persons employed10,000.00 €5,000.00 €
Mid-caps250 -3000 persons employed5,000.00 €2,500.00 €
SMEs1 - 249 persons employed2,000.00 €1,000.00 €
Research and Academia (5)>= 50 employees2,000.00 €1,000.00 €
Small research entity (5) (6)< 50 employees500.00 €250.00 €
Strategic members Any size3,000.00 €NA
Start-ups (3)Any size (3 years) 250.00 €125.00 €
Others (no voting right)Any size500.00 €250.00 €


  1. EU recommendation 2003/361/EC
  2. Total number of persons employed in Europe (list of countries as per Adra Statutes and Internal Regulations)
  3. Consider start-up if <3 years since Founding date. After 3 years they will go to the appropriate category depending on number of employees.
  4. Adra members are eligible to a Discount if they are members of one/several Founding Organisations. This Discount is (i) computed as 50% of the highest fee paid to a Founding Organisation, and (ii) can’t exceed 50% of the Full Adra Fee.
  5. Industry labs with dependency to corporations count as Industry and the size of the corporation(s)
  6. For labs or groups part of larger legal entities the Research/Academia category applies.