Join the Adra Board of Directors – Applications open until 07 June 2024

The AI data Robotics Association

Applications are open to join the Adra Board of Directors which will be elected during the upcoming General Assembly of Adra on 17 June 2024.

Applications are open for professionals who have the necessary competence, experience and knowledge in one or more of the three fields (AI, Data and Robotics) and is either an individual proposed by a Research Member or an individual proposed by an Industrial Member.

Please note that Directors have a particular responsibility to ensure that the knowledge, views and experience of these disciplines are brought to bear for the benefit of the Association.

The formalities on the composition of the board as well as the application are described in the Articles of the Association, however in this cycle we will be electing 7 new directors from AI Industry, AI Industry (for a 1-year term), AI Research, Data Industry, Data Research, Robotics Industry, Robotics Research.

The key dates are:

  • May 7 – BoD Approves GA voting procedure BoD provisionally approves them. Announce the opening of candidates.
  • May 8 – Publish candidate instructions + application form + Open call for applicants
  • June 7 – Close call for candidates. (All candidates need to be provisionally approved before the 10 June)
  • June 10 - Publish candidates.
  • June 17 - 10.00 - 11.00 -  voting during GA (i.e. results during GA)

Please note especially the deadline for receipt of applications is the 7th of June 2024. This is a strict deadline.

The candidate form can be downloaded here.The form can be filled in by the candidate himself. Please note that organisations can only nominate one member.

Please send any question you may have as well as the the completed form (in PDF) to secretary-general@adr-association.eu.