Adra releases “Strategic Orientation towards an AI, Data and Robotics Roadmap 2025-2027”

The AI data Robotics Association

Adra has just released the "Strategic Orientation towards an AI, Data and Robotics Roadmap 2025-2027." This document provides an overview of Adra's strategic position and offers recommendations for upcoming European work programs in the AI, Data, and Robotics field.

The primary objective of this document is to provide an overview of Adra's strategic vision, shaped by the perspectives of its members. It aims to address the global challenges and specific issues related to AI, data, and robotics through a well-defined roadmap.

The first part of the document delves into the global challenges faced in the AI, data, and robotics landscape. These challenges include the ethical and societal implications of AI, data privacy and security concerns, and the need for responsible and inclusive innovation. Adra recognizes the significance of these challenges and is committed to addressing them effectively.

The second part of the document focuses on providing recommendations for the EU strategic plan for 2025-2027. Adra's recommendations are designed to align with its strategic orientation and address the evolving landscape of AI, data, and robotics. These recommendations aim to influence the European work programs in a manner that fosters sustainable growth, innovation, and societal well-being.

Adra emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the association, its members, and the European Union to achieve responsible AI, data, and robotics practices. By aligning efforts and working with policymakers, Adra aims to shape the future of these technologies while addressing associated challenges.